About Safe Harbor Exchange

homepage_photo1Safe Harbor Exchange, Inc. is an independent Qualified Intermediary for IRC § 1031 tax deferred exchange transactions. As a member of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators, Safe Harbor is a leader in IRC § 1031 Exchange Intermediary services. Our knowledgeable staff, combined with our commitment to service with integrity, provides taxpayers with an unparalleled professional team.

What Assurances Are Provided to Investors?
When selecting a Qualified Intermediary, the Exchangor must feel confident that their Intermediary has the requisite expertise, skill and commitment to provide quality service. Safe Harbor Exchange, Inc. is sensitive to these concerns and has developed a reputation throughout the industry as a leader in §1031 Intermediary services.

Safe Harbor Exchange, Inc. is able to offer a high level of safety and security for our clients’ exchange proceeds. The accounts are covered by a $5,000,000.00 per occurrence Fidelity Bond so that our exchangors are confident that their exchange funds will be safe and available for the successful conclusion of their exchange.

Safe Harbor Exchange is a wholly independent corporation, not affiliated with any escrow or title company, so we are able to work well with all closing agents and attorneys nationwide.

Everyone at Safe Harbor Exchange, Inc. is committed to providing unsurpassed service to our clients. Our experienced and specialized team brings multidimensional insights to structuring even the most challenging exchanges. We handle all standard or “forward” real property exchanges. When necessary, we can even generate complete exchange documentation within an hour for rush transactions. We have an unflagging commitment to the exchangor to provide quality service.

Among the senior staff, we have a combined over 70 years of experience working with investment real estate transactions. In addition to being utilized as a valuable educational resource for many of the most respected real estate and related associations and firms throughout the country, our staff of trained professionals regularly conducts exchange seminars for various real estate offices. As a member of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators, an industry-wide trade association of several hundred Qualified Intermediaries throughout the nation, we are continually informed of any new developments and legislation regarding tax deferred exchanges.

An attorney experienced in handling all phases of exchange transactions, and head of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators for many years, designed our documents, procedures and policies. The Safe Harbor Exchange, Inc. staff has facilitated thousands of tax deferred exchange transactions. While we do not replace the role of competent legal and tax advisors, we do, however, guide taxpayers through the exchange process by explaining the specific exchange requirements.

We have exceptional technical expertise and practical experience gleaned from many years of helping Exchangors defer capital gain taxes.

Safe Harbor Exchange, Inc. cannot provide advice regarding specific tax consequences. Taxpayers considering an IRC §1031 tax deferred exchange should seek the counsel of their accountant/attorney to obtain professional tax and legal advice.